Post-Wedding Plans

So I’ve gotten myself in trouble again. I’ve done so well, REALLY! It’s been AGES since I bought fabric, for myself. Yes, I bought the jacket pattern a few weeks ago and I felt really good about it because I had the restraint to wait to buy fabric until I was free to work on it. However, last weekend, I lost all control. I bought LOTS of knits – some for running shirts, mentioned in my last post. But some for every-day shirts, one particular set of which I am especially excited about.

Over last weekend, I saw an outfit at Tilly’s out of a pretty yellow, gray and white. It was a combination I wouldn’t have really thought of but I really loved it. So I found a really great yellow knit at Hancock’s Fabrics the other day that I plan to make a Sadie Tank with, with the cowl neck option as seen below.

Then I saw this Michael Miller Print on

And found a local store who carried it and picked some up last night. As I looked through my patterns, I found this out of print Simplicity Project Runway cropped Jacket Pattern:

I’m so glad I bought it when I did, because now it’s out of print! (Though still available through the simplicity site if you click the picture above) Anyway – what do you think? Is it wierd to wear a yellow and gray bird print jacket? I love the colors and I love birds and I love the patterns…I just don’t always have confidence in my combinations. If it’s too strange, I can make a really cool purse so there is no loss. Looking forward to your comments!


4 thoughts on “Post-Wedding Plans

  1. I can’t wait to see that jacket done! You are so stinkin’ good! Glad you found that fabric (just so you know, we have an online catalogue ( and it listed everything we have in stock… or you can just email me! 🙂

    Have fun sewing the jacket, I have a couple project runway patterns to try out myself.

  2. The fabric will look so cute in that jacket! I can see it with a big yellow flower pinned to the front. Have you seen how to make your own flower using synthetics and some heat? Gorgeous! Go to Rhonna Farrer’s blog—she’s a scrapbook/crafter that is a partner in House of 3. You’ll see how easy it is to add your own flower accessories inexpensively and they’re custom-made, because you make them!

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  4. You should go for it! I don’t think it is weird at all to wear a bird jacket. That is going to look so cute!

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