My husband hates this table runner

I used to work at a Quilt Shop here in town and my boss there made me this wonderful table runner. Now, it’s not COMPLETELY my decorating style, but I do love stars and I really appreciated the gift. When my son was born and consequently started pulling himself up on the furniture, we were no longer able to keep the heavy tile coasters on this table because he would pull them off onto himself or beat the table with them (and I love my table!). SO – I decided this would be a good idea for the table. The baby could play with it and it wouldn’t be damaged, but it still protected my table from cups, etc.

However, my husband often makes fun of it and says it belongs at the proverbial “Grandmas House”. My argument to him was everything I mentioned above, but his response was, ‘Well, you could make some coasters?” – DUH!

So here’s what I made during nap time today from some home dec fabrics I hope to use on a larger scale in the near future. 🙂 He hasn’t seen them yet, but I’m sure he’ll like them better than the table runner. 🙂 And I like them too!

Also, over the weekend I made this valance for my dining room window. I like how it turned out!

Here’s the print up close…

So I hope your holidays were blessed! What, if any, home dec projects do you hope to accomplish this year?


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