My New Book – Quilts, Baby!

I became a member of Crafter’s Choice this past June, with the obligation of purchasing 3 more books by June 2011. Well, that’s plenty of time, but what crafter can put off the fun of inspiration and new ideas?! My recently placed order came late last week and I was especially pleased with Quilts, Baby! by Linda Kopp. I rarely order Quilting books because a lot of them seem to be the same old quilts with new fabrics, but this book really lived up to its subtitle, “20 Modern Designs to Piece, Patch, & Embroider.” I have never hand embroidered and I don’t feel I have the patience for much applique, but this book had me wantin’ to do both! Since I’m not able to find any previews of the inside of the book, I’ll just direct you to my friend’s blog instead, where she recently made her first quilt, complete with hand embroidery of the same style as Quilts, Baby!

One quilt in particular, (with monkeys, 3D ears and such) made me a little bummed that I had already purchased an Animal Party Quilt Kit by Robert Kaufman to make my son this Christmas for his toddler bed (Even though I LOVE that one too!).  SO – my game plan is to make up the Animal Party quilt and put a monkey with 3D ears on the back somewhere. That way I can get my fix without purchasing fabric for an entire new quilt. I was also thinking of where else I could put this monkey – pj’s? a pillow? Both viable options! 🙂

The projects in the book range from small to medium-sized and are all very charming. It even features Etsy sellers which, being one myself, is very exciting! The book also has extensive instruction in the front on basic techniques presented in the 20 projects and patterns for the appliques and embroideries! So, if you’re looking for a fun, inspiring book, I would definitely recommend Quilts, Baby!


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