Santa Quilt About 1/3 Done

As I started to think about this post, I realized I never showed you the desired end result of this Santa Quilt! The customer saw this quilt years ago and bought the Santa panel and some of the supporting fabrics.


I am happy to report that, according to how I plan to construct it, I have the first 1/3 done! If you look at the picture, the original quilt was 19 squares wide, with 5 rows above and below the Santa Panels. Here’s the top section:

Santa Quilt 003

Tomorrow I hope to take a good bite out of the middle section, if not finish it; though I often mentally “bite off” more than I can “chew” (get done in the time I have). 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Now I need to call the customer to see if they prefer flat, 100% cotton batting or fluffy polyester batting and what they’d prefer for the backing. JoAnn’s is having a big sale this week so it’d be a good time to gather all that up!


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