Bibs & Costumes

Well, Kim’s daughter’s wedding was tonight and I haven’t had any phone calls! lol. She ended up finding 2 ready-made dresses she liked so I altered both and left the rest up to her.

Though Kim is not the reason I’m about to make the announcement I’m going to make, the whole situation reminded me of why I’ve considered several times getting out of the bridal business and turning my focus more to my Etsy store. With Etsy, you can create something in your own time and list it for sale. When you do bridal sewing and clothing alterations, you’re paid first and have the work to follow (along with deadlines!). So, my husband and I have decided it’s best that I finish up a few dresses I already agreed to and then spend next year stocking up my Etsy store (and hopefully making a few sales too!).

In the mean time, I will be finishing some boys bibs this weekend for my friend Kara in some blue and brown fabrics.

The other project I cannot wait to jump into is my son’s Halloween costume! Last year I totally blew it and he ended up wearing a too small duck costume my friend found at a yard sale. (Boo!). Since then, my boy’s taken a great liking to his stuffed Monkey. So I figured it was only appropriate for him to be a Monkey for Halloween. Here’s the pattern I’m using, minus the monkey’s hat and vest (although maybe we’d make some money if people thought he was one of those performing monkeys…hahaha).
I hope I’ll have time to put all the love into it that I want to. I really want this year to be better than last! (Not hard!) lol.

What projects are you working on for Halloween?


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