Very Exciting News & A Few New Projects

I was so excited to get a convo yesterday letting me know my Turquoise Plaid Girl’s hoodie and pants have been nominated for Etsy’s “Best of Plaid” category! Here is the screenshot (mine circled in red, or is it squared?). If you would like to vote, just click here!

I also wanted to show you what I made with the Fat Quarters I won from Rebecca’s Rags! This great little bag is from a free tutorial I found on Sew Mama Sew blog and printed, but unfortunately couldn’t find when I tried to go back to get you the link! :(. The Link on the printout is to Anyway, it’s a VERY sturdy bag after all the interfacing used, and I even got to put in metal eyelets, which I’ve never done before! It was a little tedious trying to cut through all the layers to make just the right size, not too big hole, but once done, I LOVE the professional look they produce. I also made some chicken pin cushions, one large and one small. I was taught how to do this from a former co-worker at my old job in a Local Quilt Shop…

basically you cut two 4″ or 6″ squares (for small or large, respectively) and then cut a beak, comb and tail from felt (I just do it freehand). You put the squares right sides together and on one corner, place the beak and comb, facing inside with the edges aligned with the fabric edges. Then you sew the bottom, front and top, leaving a 2″ opening in the front seam for stuffing.

Once sewn, bring together the two seams at the back opening (the part you have not sewn at all yet) so they are touching and centered, edges aligned (this causes the chicken to start to take shape, making a 3D triangle). Place your tail, facing inside at the center and sew across the entire edge. Turn inside out, fill with batting and rice, then hand sew the 2″ opening. To finish, fold the front corner to the back side and stitch in place.
If you’re a visual person like me and none of that made sense, feel free to ask – I’d love to help you make your own! 🙂

So there are my finished products with some fabric to spare! Thanks Rebecca for supplying a few fun side-projects for me in the midst of these weddings. I usually try to sneak some fun projects in the middle of the big ones so I don’t get bogged down. It keeps things fresh! What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Very Exciting News & A Few New Projects

  1. WELLLLL I LOVE them all. I will have to try the bag. My daughter needs a really sturdy book bag for school, what are the handles made with? O and I love the plaid jumpsuit too, good luck.

  2. Um, yeah, very cute! I agree with the previous comment, it would make a great trick or treat bag! Hmmmm…something for your store???

    I would carry them in mine! I might have to print out that pattern!

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