Etsy Sales & Kim’s Dress – Rough Draft

I had an excellent week in my Etsy store with 4 sales this week! Here are the items that now have a brand new and loving home…

One of my orders was a custom request, so I didn’t take the time to take pretty photos of it…

I was so excited…now I just have to find time to make some more items for the holidays and upcoming craft fairs….

For those of you who have been reading, I told you a few posts ago about “Kim’s Dress“. We are combining patterns to make just the right style for her. Well, excuse my wrinkled mess of a garment and my messy sewing room, but here are some pictures of the muslin (aka – Rough Draft), sans skirt.
As you can see, there is supposed to be a flutter sleeve under the ruffled collar (shown in beige), but I’m drawing that one from scratch so there will be another one drawn to be more full and about 2 inches longer, as requested by Kim.
The bodice fit perfectly except at the shoulders so I will be altering the pattern soon and cutting from the main fabric this week. Next weekend the hubby’s going hunting and then we have Monday off, so I’m gearing up for a BIG sewing weekend…hoping to get most of Kim’s dress done except the finishing touches (want to make sure everything’s good before I close everything up!)and alter one of the bridesmaid’s dresses. Then the week after, maybe I’ll have time before the other bridesmaids come for fittings to cut out/sew some more items for my Etsy store! Wishful thinking?? We’ll see…

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