Kim Dress Update & A New Find

I regret that I don’t have any pictures to share, but I just did a fitting with Kim using the 1/2 mock-up, 1/2 real version of her dress. What I mean by that is the top portion of her dress I made up in muslin to test out, but the skirt is pretty basic, so I didn’t feel it was necessary to take the extra step to test that, so I cut it out of the actual satin. Anyways, the fitting went REALLY WELL! I was very pleased for a few reasons:
  1. The dress looks much better on her than it does on the hanger (Phew! I didn’t like it much until I saw it on her) šŸ™‚
  2. It FIT well! – except when I altered the pattern, I added to the shoulders and I didn’t need to. Consequently, altering the pattern for the real dress will be very minimal. I just need to add fullness to the flutter sleeve and lengthen it a little. That’s it!
  3. Kim loved it – if you’ve ever sewn for anyone, you know that’s one of the most important parts! (I say “one of the most important” instead of “the most important” because I hate working on something I don’t like so I feel like in order to do my best work, it’s important that I like it too).

So all of this inspires me – I want to go home RIGHT NOW and sew on it. Sadly time doesn’t permit that and I’ll have to wait until Saturday afternoon.

I found another source of inspiration today from reading a friend’s post on facebook who had won a beautiful little package from Camille Roskelley on her blog Simplify. I loved the look of the blog and then I headed over to her Etsy Store, and saw all her beautiful patterns. Here’s one I really like…

Then I thought, “Hey – I’ve seen these before!” and I loved them when I saw them the first time. So fun, whimsical, pretty and free…So if you like them too, head over to Camille’s Etsy Shop, Thimble Blossoms to place your order and be sure to follow her amazing blog, Simplify to keep inspired!


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