The Glory of Xtra Large Tables

A year and a half ago, I posted about making costumes for a church event and I showed you this wonderful table:

Well, I use this table as often as possible! And it’s been a Godsend in many ways. My sewing room is very compact and managing yards of fabric is near impossible!! As you can see, with this table, there is plenty of room to spread out fabric of nearly any width and quite a length. I bring this up because I have been incrementally cutting out Kim’s dress this week on this table and now all I have to do is sew up what I’ve cut this weekend!

Now I can already feel the jealousy welling up in you. Don’t despair YET. While not all of us can have such a wonderful table at home, I thought I’d pass on some pointers for you to gain access to such a table.

  1. First, and most obvious based on this post, is any church or office building you may have connections to. I know the above table is only in use for meetings, etc. periodically. Otherwise it just sits there, waiting for me.
  2. Quilt Shops – I used to work at a quilt store and they had a large, square, waist high table we used for pinning quilts, cutting out quilts and projects and the like. Well, our customers would frequently call to see if the table was in use so they could come pin their quilts. I don’t know why you couldn’t request the same thing for cutting out clothing or other projects. At the shop I worked at, we carried thread and other notions that would be useful for all types of sewers, so just be sure to purchase what you can as a thank you!!

Do you have any other ideas? If you have access to a large workspace (not at your home), where is it located?


One thought on “The Glory of Xtra Large Tables

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think a new store awaits.
    If you have a "clubhouse" or some other members only space, they would probably have access to nice big tables too. My in-laws used to live in Seven Oaks in Bakersfield, and that comes to mind. I personaly have a nice big pine dining room table that I use, it's not quite high enough, but I make due. Maybe I should get some blocks to put under the legs to raise it up a bit.

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