Curtains and Dresses and Quilts, Oh My!

Vacations are all over now and so it’s back to being busy and gearing up for the end of the year. All of a sudden, I’ve gotten several sewing requests and have had to turn one person down, so that’s great news (being busy, that is, not turning someone down – I hate that!).

My boss has been working new hours in order to take care of her new granddaughter and, consequently, has been busy at home, redecorating and cleaning, etc. Well, she washed her drapes, which had not been prewashed so they shrunk about a foot! Not only that, but the main fabric shrunk WAY more than the lining. So, I get to pull off the lining and make them into valances. She has requested just a simple 19″ valance with a rod pocket, like the picture at right. To make it the standard 2 or 2 1/2 it takes 5 panels – I finished one yesterday and have one more cut and ready to sew.

After that, I have a dress to make for Kim. Her daughter is getting married October 17th so I will be making her Mother of the Bride dress and altering the bridesmaids’ dresses. Here is what we are planning for Kim’s MOB (that’s “Mother Of the Bride”) dress: We are combining the top of Butterick 5320…

with the skirt and cumber bun-look of Vogue 7521.

She has chosen a GORGEOUS trim for the waistline, which I will have to show you as I get working on the dress. Right now, we are cutting out the skirt and a muslin top to make sure we get the fit/look just right. I will post as we progress!

Kind-of in between (or after the muslin, but before the final dress for Kim) I also have a bridesmaid alteration for Kari. The wedding she’s attending is September 19th, hence the in-betweenness of it all. 🙂 She is an acquaintance I met through my job at the church. She works at a print shop we use to print our letterhead, etc.

Then after that, while gearing up for my yearly November Craft Fair, I’ll be working on a Santa Quilt for a good friend. He’s given me a year to get it done and I desperately need to start it as soon as these weddings are done. It’s a simple quilt, but very large, based on a panel center surrounded by squares. I haven’t looked closely enough yet, but I’m hoping I can do an Eleanor Burns Trip around the World technique so I don’t have to cut & sew each individual square (!).

Other than that, you can always visit my Etsy store where I am currently offering free U.S. Shipping!! Check it out!

new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(5672910, ‘shop’,’gallery’,4,2).renderIframe();

What are you sewing?


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