Thank You, EtsyMom!

I was surprised to be approached by Jamie of boodybabies and, of course, the EtsyMom team to be interviewed as this month’s featured shop! Etsymom is a wonderful team to be a part of – understanding, yet motivated crafters & businesswomen…and best of all, we’re all moms!

Thanks to the EtsyMom Team for the feature and thanks to Jamie of BoodyBabies for the wonderful write-up! (Click here to read it!)

Go EtsyMoms!

For more information on joining the EtsyMom Team go here! We’d love to have you!

4 thoughts on “Thank You, EtsyMom!

  1. Rock on RockStar! That is great 😉 I feel bad I haven’t done much with the Etsymom Team lately…what’s new?

    Jamie 🙂

    P.S. What’s up with all the Jamie’s, tee hee?

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