Ok, you’ve been thinking about it and feeling overwhelmed by it, but you haven’t started yet – gathering a few essentials, that is. With the economy how it is, it is wise to be prepared for job loss, etc. So here’s a great chance to get a jump start:

The ladies at have put together a binder with checklists for car emergency kits (food, blankets, etc if you get stranded), 72 hour kits, etc.; recipes; and more! Now, you can sign up to get one list sent to your email FREE, every two weeks (there are 26 or something like that) so you can do it gradually, but they now offer an all-in-one download for $17. HOWEVER – in celebration of their download launch, they are offering one free download!

To win you just tell your family and friends and then email to tell them what you did to spread the word! But Hurry!! They will choose the winner on Thursday, April 9th!

Check them out – a great resource for your family!


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