T-shirt Makeover

Well, in case you were wondering, I did win the chocolate spa basket and am awaiting it’s arrival! YAY!

But to the purpose for this post…T-shirt Makeover! For various important and fun reasons, we all acquire men’s style t-shirts. We wear them dutifully for the event but then later, they turn into painting shirts, sleep shirts, or dust rags. But thanks to Debbie, I was inspired to turn my friend’s t-shirt into a girl-style t-shirt and it didn’t take too long! Here’s what we started with: a shirt ordered 2 sizes too big (as recommended)…

And here are the results so far! 🙂 Just need to shorten it a bit and find a way to finish the neckline.

I used a shirt she already had for a pattern, but borrowed the sleeve from Butterick 4198.

I really recommend you give it a try! And if it doesn’t work out on the first try…well, at least you’ve gained a dust rag! 🙂

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