Mission Organization: Sewing Room Closet Edition

I don’t know if I got the Spring Cleaning Bug or what, but this past weekend I was wonder-woman, home-maker extraordinaire! (This is a rare occurrence) I woke up Sunday at 5am, made some home made Pita Bread from a recipe out of the new Cooking Light magazine, cleaned the kitchen and then jumped right into my sewing room. Unfortunately, I am a bad girl and didn’t get the before picture, but trust me, it was a mound of fabric on top of some plastic bins, none of which was accessible. This may still look like some sort of mess, but believe me, it is a GREAT improvement over what was happening in this closet before. My fabric with no real purpose (AKA “stash”) is organized on the right by type: Garment Fabrics on the top shelf, Quilting Fabrics on the middle shelf, and more Crafty Fabrics and/or remnants on the bottom shelf. The right book case houses my already gathered Quilt Kits or Garment fabrics with notions and patterns in plastic bins. I pulled the patterns to the side of the bins so I could see which bin was what without pulling them all out. Everything on top of the book cases are top priority projects. The hat boxes are quilts to be made up for my Etsy store, but they sit underneath a bin filled with Christmas Fabrics for a customer (I have until this coming Christmas, but hope to finish it FAR sooner than that!). The fabric to the right will be garments for my mom (which I’ve had for a couple years…I’ve been busy, I guess!). Next to that are some pants of my own which I need to alter (that will never happen, but you never know!) and then the projects to the right of that are more possible Etsy items.

And what is this, you might ask? (Or maybe you’re snoring by now…who knows?! HA!) I have just entered into a business relationship (as an Independent Contractor) with a local woman who is starting an online Maternity Store. She just dropped off 7 pairs of Designer Jeans which I will be converting into Maternity Jeans. I am very excited about this, as she plans to drop 5 – 7 pairs off to me each week – it’s relatively steady work for me, and she does all the leg work! I don’t have to worry about price or listing items online…just get paid to sew! This is especially good for us as my husband works for the county here in CA and as everyone knows, Government Jobs on every level in California are really shaky right now. So we are blessed by this opportunity.

She is just getting things up and running, but once she does, I”ll be sure to let you know where you can purchase your own Designer Maternity Jeans!


4 thoughts on “Mission Organization: Sewing Room Closet Edition

  1. very nice, cool idea about the jeans. And the cupcakes went really well, all the moms loved to decorate them. If you ever need a craft I would suggest it, I’m sure you have a cupcake lady, or you could just be one yourself! My cupcake lady is local her website is http://www.icingonthecupcake.com

  2. Good idea with the maternity jeans. Wish I had those when I was pregnant. Hopefully all goes well with your hubby’s job. How is Tyler? My Tyler was here last week for a week.

  3. Hey, that’s funny. I’m about to do the same with my sewing corner this weekend! Tomorrow I’m going to buy some square wicker baskets to store all my fabric in. Actually, I kind of like getting my fabric organized 😉Good luck with your new sewing project!Duni

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