Valentine’s Day Reflections

Having kids really does change everything! As I’m thinking about my hubby and all the ways I love him, how we met and dated, I long for those days again!

My hubby and I met at a college church group when I was home for the summer (I attended college out of town). He was late that night because he was buying ammunition with his friend for hunting trip that weekend so he walked in and, as everyone does, I looked over to see who was coming in the door. We caught each other’s eyes and afterwards, the only person I knew in the group (the pastor’s daughter) introduced us. A group of us spent the next two weeks hanging out in one way or another every night until it dwindled down to just the two of us hanging out. Our first actual date was at Mimi’s cafe. Andy had a cute little 80’s Porsche he and his dad had worked on over the years. It was all black and seemed to fit him perfectly. He also had a full sized truck and often we would sit on the back with the tailgate down, looking at stars and chatting.

We went out to eat almost every night that summer (I tease him that he “tricked me” because I thought he was rich! Really, he shared a really affordable apartment with 3 other guys and had paid cash for his cars, so he had no bills and a decent job – hahaha. We all know how that changes once you get married! :)) We dated for 9 months and were engaged, and then 4 months later we got married! It was pretty quick, but there was never a doubt in my mind that he was the right guy for me.

Andy has taught me so much about love, about God, and is someone I really feel at home with. Now that we have our son, I love watching as he is so involved with Tyler. He is the first one to chase him around the coffee table and get him giggling or roll around on the floor with him and I know Tyler must know his daddy loves him. However, I do long for the days when we had more time for each other and am always working on being intentional with the time we do have. He is definitely my Valentine, this year and always.


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Reflections

  1. He definitely sounds like a keeper.Thanks for sharing your sweet, sweet story. You have a lovely family.Happy Valentine’s Day!

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