Seasons…and More Ramblings…

I remember being newly married and a good friend of mine explaining to me the concept of “seasons”. This idea has brought me comfort already many times in my life – it’s the idea that we all go through seasons and in each season, priorities are different (for good reasons), friends may change, tasks may be added or taken away – balance looks different than you thought it would. I once went to a seminar on “Balancing” and was struck by the idea that balance looks different today that it will tomorrow.

I tend to think of balance in terms of: 1 is most important, 2 is second important and so on and so forth, however, what I’m trying to keep in mind is that today it might be important for me to focus on my etsy shop, but tomorrow, I may need to focus more time on my husband to achieve an overall sense of balance. Saturday I may lay other things aside to clean the house, and it doesn’t mean I’m out of balance because number 1 and 2 have fallen off my list for that day.

Over the holidays I really focused on shop, and while it feels neglectful, I feel like I’m in a phase of recovery, focusing a little more on my family and health. I hope balance brings my shop back into my queue soon! It’s always in the back of my mind….


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