December Goodness & An Ode to Amy Butler

Hi Everyone and Happy December! I hope your Thanksgivings were great! November was good for me, with the Etsymom Super Giveaway, a craft fair, food and family. However, December is off to a wonderful start. Today I was approached with a trade opportunity from Carleens Creations. In exchange for some of my bibs, I’ll be getting…(scroll…)

These beautiful earrings!! I’m very excited because I always mean to buy jewelry, but instead, I end up purchasing fabric or clothing staples – or who knows what so I was glad at the opportunity and I can’t wait to receive that little package in the mail!

Right after my trade went through, I was notified of some other sales: one of my favorite items, this Spring Table Runner made with Amy Butler fabrics. I’m sad to see it go, but I’m glad it’s going to a good home.

Also, these coasters found a new home, so it looks like the verdict is clear – everyone LOVES Amy Butler.

I fell in love with Amy Butler years ago when I started working at a local quilt shop. In a moment of sheer inspiration, I wrote Amy an email expressing how great I thought she was and how nice it was to have a younger person on the scene with such freshness and inspiration. I didn’t really expect a response, though I secretly hoped for one. However, lo and behold – months later, she wrote me back thanking me for the note and encouraging me to keep at it myself! I was THRILLED! (She’s a sewing celebrity!)
A few months ago I was on her site and reading in her bio about how she started making purses and bags for her friends. She was later able to sell them at a local store and things just took off from there! I couldn’t believe how effortless her success had been and, experiencing a slow time in getting started myself, I wrote her in frustration – “Amy, Was it really that easy?!” Amazing, sweet and wonderful woman that she is, she again wrote me back with encouragement.
WELL – I didn’t intend on writing about my email run-ins with Amy Butler, but I guess that’s what came out! LOL. She’s not only very talented and creative, but also very down to earth and supportive of the industry…down to little ol‘ me and I just think that’s so cool! Go Amy! & here’s to a fabulous December!

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