Jeans & Big Winnings!

If you have not been over the the Etsymom Month Long Giveaway Extravaganza, you’ve got to check it out – you can enter to win every item – 2 a day for the whole month of November! Look what I won from MHolland!! Get your own set of coasters, or snatch up any of the various unique and wonderful items from her shop by clicking here!

Also, I have my jeans to the point where I only need to attach some rivets and the button/buttonhole. This being my first real sample, I have found some things I will be changing in an effort to get them just right:

  1. I will do more top stitching in the future.
  2. The denim that covers the top back side of the pocket needs to stretch deeper into the pocket. Right now, it just barely covers the pocket fabric and a wrong move would cause it to peak out.
  3. The waistband needs some work – it might be too narrow, but it definitely doesn’t lay the way I want it to. I need to look into how to make it look right.
  4. I would make the back pockets slightly smaller

Now to try them on Mr. Chase to make sure the fit of the muslin transferred to the denim version…sometimes something magical happens in between…not sure what or how…

OK – so now I need your HONEST opinions and suggestions. Comment away!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Jeans & Big Winnings!

  1. Looks good! Rivets will definitely make them look more like “real” jeans – the finishing touch. 🙂 RE: the back pockets, I actually kind of like them big, but that’s just me. 🙂 RE: the waistband – how did you construct it? With interfacing or no? Folded over, or two pieces sewn together on the top and bottom?

  2. I do think the waistband needs to be a bit bigger, and the rivets will be a nice finishing touch. I think the pockets look o.k. Maybe smaller for the girl version, but for a boy they look good. They look very nice, good job!

  3. Wait, you made those? Man, I wish I could sew like that 🙂 You go girl! I do like the pockets BIG, I think it’s cute and stylish! And I agree to make the waistband a little thicker…but I like the Big flare look too. They look so comfy, I want to try them on, hehe.

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