Work: What I do When I’m Not Sewing

I have posted before, in passing, what I do for full time work, but this month’s EtsyBlogger‘s topic is “work” so I’ll take this opportunity to expand…

Though my resume includes affiliations with various and random companies, such as Johnny’s Take ‘N Bake Pizza, Coffee Kiosk, Viking-White Sewing Machines, Pfaff, To Quilt ‘N Sew quilt shop, & David’s Bridal, I currently work at a local church as a secretary/receptionist. I landed what I thought was my dream job at David’s Bridal as their Alterations Manager, only to discover that after 10 months, I was under experienced and what I really wanted was to have a schedule closer to my husband’s so I could actually see him some time and spend my weekends as I choose. (Those of you familiar with the bridal business know that Saturday is your big $$ making day so as a manager, I worked EVERY Saturday). I got my job at the church to get some relief and have been here 2 1/2 years!

I feel that, much like the title “mom”, my title “secretary/receptionist” does not fully encompass the job I actually do. Besides the normal office type work, like filing, making copies, answering phones, acting as 411 for the congregation, sorting mail, making coffee for staff meeting, etc. I often design fliers to promote events, create and maintain their websites (see here, here, and here), and even sometimes offer my sewing skills where needed (see this post). In fact, I am bringing my machine in to mend some table cloths this week!

So to avoid boring you to death, I’ll stop there. But, yes, Jaime Johnson – Secretary/receptionist by day…mommy, wife, seamstress by night and weekends. As for the future, I hope to be successful with a line of children’s clothing…in the works as we speak……..


6 thoughts on “Work: What I do When I’m Not Sewing

  1. sounds like your work is very fulfilling, and maybe even relaxing! The one problem with my job, or you can say, with DH’s job, is I work days, and he works nights/weekends. I know exactly where you’re coming from. At least I have time to be on the computer, but I stay up late!

  2. You are very busy and with a baby too! I love the Christmas fabric you ordered and it will make a beautiful tree skirt I’m sure. Have Fun!

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