EtsyBlogger of October: BFBeads!

The Etsyblogger of the month is Jen, aka BFBeads!

Jen has a fun & creative blog called “Mama’s Magic“. “Mama’s Magic records the daily delights and difficulties of family life, along with entries on writing and creativity. The cast of characters includes Jen (the Mama), her husband (S), their preschooler son (BJ), and toddler daughter (BB). At the moment, Jen is a SAHM. She’s also a poet with a Women’s Studies degree, a jewelry designer, the owner of Mama’s Magic Studio, and the creative force behind Baby Friendly Beads breastfeeding jewelry.” (From Jen’s blog)

Jen has two Etsy stores…here are some of my favorites from each store…

My favorite picks from BFBeads‘ store “Mama’s Magic Studio

Knit the Knot Known Fraternal Earrings — Fuchsia
Ok, I don’t knit, but I thought this was so uniquely cute!!

My favorite picks from BFBeads‘ store, “Baby Friendly Beads

My son does this all the time with the necklace I wear daily. Now that he’s getting stronger and more easily distracted, I can see how these nursing necklaces would be wonderful to have! Here’s the idea of how they’d work below:

Be sure to visit her stores to see all the other wonderful things she makes!


One thought on “EtsyBlogger of October: BFBeads!

  1. Thanks for your post about my stuff! It’s always fun to see which pieces folks choose as their favorites. Really appreciate your kind words about me and my work!

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