Juicy Secrets – I’ve Been Tagged!

I have been TRIPLE tagged! So I guess that means that everyone wants to know my secrets…or at least that’s how I choose to see it. Ha! Actually, this really works out for me as I’ve been working on some things I’ve wanted to post about, but just haven’t had time. And no, I’m not going to do 18 secrets since I was tagged 3 times…I’m going to stick to 6 as that is what is required when you’re “tagged” so here goes:

  1. I am an affirmation freak – I love an A+, an “atta girl”, a “wow”, a “you did that?!” a “thanks so much, you’re awesome!”…whatever I can get!! I spent dozens of hours on a dress and worked myself literally sick and had to take days off work to finish it and totally ignored my family and friends but at the end, the woman called and fawned over the dress and I told my husband, “That was SOOOOOooooo worth it!” It’s an illness, really! LOL
  2. I have been working on designing and creating children’s jeans! Since I started MOPS (Mother’s Of PreschoolerS) last year, I’ve been hearing lots of moms express their frustration about finding pants that fit their kids. So I surveyed them to find out the exact nature of their fitting problems and I’m working on pattern drafting, sewing up muslins and I am about to do fittings to see where all that has gotten me. I’m so excited!!
  3. I will be at a craft fair in Bakersfield, CA November 22nd and hope to debut my jeans at the show. If you are in Kern County and are thinking about doing any shows, this one is really good. It’s established, they do their own advertising, and they accept around 50 vendors. Click here for the information sheet!
  4. Though I appear by many to be outgoing, I am a definite introvert. I can be with a group of people…for a little bit, but then I’d rather go home and be in my sewing room. If I’m in a small group of people I know well, then I can stay much longer, but overall, I get energy from being alone.
  5. I LOVE talk radio…I listen at home, on the internet, at work and in the car. I’m even an “insider” at our local talk radio station and participate in breakfasts they host with guest speakers from around town. I love it.
  6. I would rather write 10 essays or papers than take a single test. I love to write. In fact, (and this is like 2 secrets in one) I submitted an article about my sewing business to a local free publication and they have asked me to expand it and send in pictures for a cover article! Not a total big deal, but free advertising and a great way to debut my new product.

So I hope you enjoyed learning all my secrets! Here’s who I’m tagging:


2 thoughts on “Juicy Secrets – I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. 3 times!!! Heh – I was one of ’em 🙂Let’s see…num,bers 1 and 4 are a match with me.And when you start to sell number 2 (ew) you must post it! My kids don’t fit too good in jeans now. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I’ll have to come up with something…. 🙂 I too am interested in seeing your line of jeans, my daughter is rather a chunky-monkey, and I can’t find denim that fits her waist and thighs comfortably.

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