Great Fabric Find

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I have more ideas than time, but after I finish my customer projects, I have some ideas for children’s clothing I’d like to give a try.

I was sketching out some ideas a week or so ago and one of the sketches just said “rich purple” to me. I wrote it down, but hadn’t been able to go shopping until today. I was at the fabric store just wandering around looking for something to jump out at me and I found these wonderful knits in jewel tones. There was a turquoise, a plum and a fuchsia. I gravitated toward the deep turquoise so i put it in my cart and kept wandering. I walked up and down the isles and was disappointed that I couldn’t really find anything to coordinate with it. But then, THERE IT WAS!

This wonderful Alexander Henry print – not to match the turquoise, but the plum – just like I had envisioned! SO COOL how it happened. So here’s the combo of fabric I’m going to use to make something very yummy and I CAN NOT wait!….

But I’ll have to. Until then, I’ll just keep the fabrics out to motivate me to finish some other projects! Story of my life!


2 thoughts on “Great Fabric Find

  1. That is beautiful fabric. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I have to limit my time in the fabric stores (online and off) because I end up with way more material and project plans than actual time, too1

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