Funny Sewing Machine Fact

Just for fun, I am reading a VERY OLD VERSION (Copyright 1982! HA!) of the book “Fashion: From Concept to Consumer” (sick isn’t it?) and I read something that tickled my funny bone:

The first man, a Frenchman, to patent a wooden sewing machine in 1825 lost all his machines in a Tailors riot. The Tailors feared for their jobs! HA! Now, I know that at the time, this was a serious situation – all clothes were made by individuals, by hand, custom for each client so the threat of industrialization was real – but I just imagine all these tailors rushing this poor man’s home or shop and ruining this staple of our industry today and it just struck me as funny. I am strange, though! But seriously – what would we do without our sewing machines!?!

Just had to share!


2 thoughts on “Funny Sewing Machine Fact

  1. Fun fact! πŸ™‚ I don’t know what I’d do without my sewing machine! I would never have the patience to sew everything by hand! LOL

  2. Wow! That’s crazy! It’s so interesting to think about how people viewed new inventions when they first came out – makes you wonder about your opinions about certain things now, huh?Also, I made a pioneer dress and apron for a church play ENTIRELY by hand – just to have done it! And, it was actually very fun! However, it did take awhile (compared to using a machine), so I can understand why people had so little variety of clothes back then. πŸ™‚

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