Pillows & Babies

Well, as Maya moves into her cottage this weekend, and I face my sister-in-law’s wedding next weekend, I have endeavored the past day and a half to alter my dress and start Maya’s pillows. The dress only needs some minor hand sewing, now, and is essentially done so I look forward to a non-dress project. It keeps things interesting!

Remember, here are the fabrics Maya so wonderfully chose for her new pillows:

Maya gave me 4 pillows sized 18″ x 20″, 2 pillows 14″ square and 4 pillows 12″ square. We decided to do the larger pillows in one fabric each, accenting them with contrasting piping. I was able last night to get two of the largest pillows done.

The other two are cut out and ready to be sewn, which I intend to do after this post. But first, I wanted to highlight a really good source for making your own bias tape & piping. I’ve known how to do this for several years now, but recently came upon a tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew’s Blog. Click here for that wonderful tutorial on making your own bias tape and piping.

Additionally (and I didn’t mention this before) I will be making some curtain panels for Maya’s dining room. Here is the fabric she chose and a picture of the windows:

Remember to go to Maya’s Blog, “Flavors of Cottage Life” to follow all her rennovations!

On another note, I’ve been so blessed over the past month to be a new Auntie to a couple new babies…and my cousin is due this month! Pictured below is just one of the brand new ones, born July 16th (my birthday!), Luke Christian. He is my step sister’s newest son.

Here’s another picture of my son, Tyler (left) and Luke’s older brother, Jeremiah. Grammy now has THREE BOYS! 🙂


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