I was checking my email at 5am this morning and saw that I won this WONDERFUL Michael Miller 1st Sight kit!! I had been on their blog envying all the fabrics and baby accessory patterns for my son and now, here it is! I’ll be receiving a kit! I can’t believe it. Be sure to frequent the “Making it fun” Michael Miller blog for other contests and prizes!!

Thank you Kathy – I be watching the mail with GREAT anticipation!

And to add to this wonderful day, I just got a call from the customer I made the black and white dress for…she got #1 in the Nation for Mary Kay Sales! And she was wearing my dress on stage in Texas in front of everyone! I’m so excited!! She will send me pictures soon that I will be sure to post for you. A dress on a person is so much better than one on a dressform.

Boy, am I flying high today! 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’M A WINNER!!

  1. Congrats Jamie. I just now looked at that site, fun stuff there. I may have to try to make a little pair of the baby shoes.

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