Muslin Complete!

Here is a picture of the complete muslin of the dramatic dress I’m making!

We are testing the ruffle with a stiff organza. I like how it stands, but in the original picture the ruffling seems to lay differently so I’m going to talk to my customer either today or some time this week to see which way she likes it.

Also, here is a view of the back…and you can also see in this picture how low the bustline sits. I’m thinking we may need to adjust it. On my dressform, the bustpoint falls about 2 1/2 inches below where it should!

I have adjusted the skirt to my customer and have started the actual skirt. We encountered quite a fabric problem. I recommended a fabric I found on Etsy and when it came, it was very low quality cotton and a yard short! So I went searching in a panic and found a poplin on eQuilter which I think she and I will both like a lot better. The issue with the fabric is that the original garment she saw was a large black and white polka dot. The only fabric we have been able to find in this print is cotton. We’re hoping the final look will look dressy enough, which I think it will. I feel like the style is enough to make it dressy. I should get the fabric this week. In the mean time, I am working on cutting and sewing the lining and attaching the netting to make the bottom of the skirt stand out.

Will keep you posted!


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