My Fourth of July

With the June wedding over, it’s time to start on that wonderful dramatic dress I told you about earlier…black and white polka dot mermaid skirt and large ruffled tuxedo shirt? I met with the customer on Wednesday to discuss design changes and get measurements so I proceeded today with a little pattern alteration and muslin making.

One of the design changes she requested was to make the skirt a little less hip hugging. To accomplish this, I measured down 9 inches and marked the hip line on each pattern piece. I used my curved ruler to round out the transition from the form fitting top of the skirt to the flare. You can see in the picture below the original pattern line and where I cut:

I was worried that the design change would take a lot away from the drama of the skirt, but I think it might be okay. Now if you promise to remember that this is just a “rough draft” with no lining or netting and that I didn’t get to press it as well as I wanted to before my 5 month old started screaming, I’ll let you see the muslin.

We’ll see if we can get a fitting in tomorrow, since the dress is due the 26Th. And I’ll keep you updated…

Now to make dinner and head to mom’s house for dessert and fireworks with the neighbors. Happy 4Th Everyone!


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