For Baby P

Well, I hope Stacy isn’t reading my blog…yet! But I wanted to show you the fabric shoes I made for her shower on Wednesday!

The sole is white fleece, and I also used fleece to line the toe area. I originally lined the heel with fleece, but since you fold it down and sew to encase the elastic, it was too bulky and the elastic wasn’t allowed to do it’s job. I made a different heel with white cotton as the lining instead.

I got the pattern from Stardustshoes’ blog (Click here to download the pdf instructions). They go really quickly and are super cute!

Also, here are some pictures from my mother-in-law’s wedding this past weekend. I didn’t make any of the dresses, but I altered all of them! We found my son’s tux on ebay.


3 thoughts on “For Baby P

  1. Those little shoes are too cute. Love the little tux you son is wearing. Your mother in law looks familiar, what is her name?

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