Weekend Sewing Results

Ok, well I didn’t do too shabby! Here are the results:

I was able to to steam the dresses. I have a hook in my sewing room, and then another in the vaulted ceiling of my living room (pictured) so I can hang the dress up high in order to steam the train. When I worked at David’s Bridal, they had a pulley system where you could hitch up the dress at various heights to steam the different parts. BOY – do I miss that!

I was able to alter my sister-in-law’s wedding dress, but didn’t touch the bridesmaid’s dresses.

If you can believe it, I did make the dress for myself for the rehearsal dinner. I will post pictures of it when I finish some hand sewing and find the right colored camisole for underneath. I’m not sure if I love the fabric, but hey – it fits and it’s girly.

No pedicure – I’ll have to do a do-it-myselfer some night this week.

Got the bra, pinned my dress, but not altered yet. Again, maybe some night this week.

Had a wonderful date night with my husband too!

And just for fun, here’s a picture of my son’s morning face from this morning.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Sewing Results

  1. Hello JaimeI must say he is so adorable!! And thanks for adding me to your favorite links – I added you to mine. You crreations are wonderful, good luck with the blog. Tissuepapers

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