OK, I’m going to start blogging

Well, I’ve had this blogger account for a while now and I mainly got it just to sign in and comment on my friends’ blogs. However, as I’ve browsed around blogger, I’ve found the most amazing sewing blogs and it’s really inspired me to log my own sewing adventures. Now, I’m not currently sewing the projects of my choice because it’s bridal season. I have 6 bridal garments (2 wedding dreses, 4 bridesmaid’s dresses) in my sewing room at present at various stages of finishing. I am about to start, however, creating a custom garment for a customer attending an event the end of July.

I’m really intrigued by this garment (right) because it is very dramatic and nothing I would have the occasion to sew on my own. She is asking me to make something similar to a Ralph Lauren dress she saw on the runway, with some design changes to the top. I will be cutting a Vogue dress pattern in half for the skirt and checking into a Marfy pattern for the top. I’ll be sure to chronicle this project and let you know how it goes.


One thought on “OK, I’m going to start blogging

  1. I look forward to watching your sewing chronicles! You should put some links on the side of some of your favorite other sewing blogs, too. 🙂

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